Welcome to a Gastronomic Expedition in a vibrant and modern setting where flavours are true, unmasked and authentic

We at Ranjee's serve the guest with a host of dining experience.Experienced live cooking at our fine dining restaurant,where guest can have their food cooked to their taste. From the Mughlai cuisine,Awadhi cuisine to Pan-Asian cuisine served at the Studio By chef,one of the unique conceptualized restaurant in Lucknow,Taking restaurant dining to an altogether different echelon.Guests can always find something or the other to satisfy their taste buds within our star restaurant menus.The menu at all the restaurants is carefully designed by our master chefs such that these best restaurants can offer best dining experience to our guests.We have several signature brands that run across our restaurants and bar,serving a wide range of delectable cuisine,bound to tickle the most sensitive of taste buds